Waking up to a Warthog

Life here is just surreal. Every day. And that is mostly because of the animals. Take today for example. Every morning we open up the windows as soon as it’s light enough that the mosquitoes are no longer out, but early enough to catch the cool morning breeze. This morning, I opened a window in the front of the house, and noticed a warthog was in the driveway. Our house is surrounded by a wall and has a large metal gate on wheels that opens and closes to let the car in and out. That gate was open for a couple of hours last evening before we locked it for the night. I’m guessing the warthog came in then and spent the night in the yard. So, I opened the window, thought to myself, “there’s a warthog in the yard,” (not a clever thought, I know, but an accurate one!) and the warthog, noticing me, looked startled and hid behind our car.

I knelt down to say my morning prayers and all of the sudden, this terrible banging sound started outside (which I heard very clearly because the windows are now all open). I ignored it and continued praying, and it stopped. Then, a couple of minutes later, it began again with even more intensity. I abruptly ended my prayer and looked outside. There is a fence made of thick sticks that creates a privacy barrier between our house and the sliding metal gate. I couldn’t see through the stick fence, but assumed that the terrible sound was made by the warthog banging against the metal gate. Brent had come to the front of the house, curious about the noise. He wasn’t dressed, so he handed me the keys to the gate, and I went out to face the warthog.

Now, you might wonder about whether or not the warthog is dangerous, and I wondered that same thing for the first couple of weeks we were here. In the wild, I believe they are, but these warthogs are born and raised in town, and are just like stray dogs. So, the answer is no, they’re not dangerous, however, there is a part of me that feels just a little bit apprehensive around them. I’m told that all animals can sense your fear. If they do, they will take advantage of it. Therefore, it was with dramatic bravery that I walked out to open the gate. As I rounded the stick fence, the warthog scurried off to hide behind another vehicle which belongs to our landlord. The rolling metal gate has a passage door which can be opened to let a person out, while keeping the large vehicle gate closed. I unlocked this smaller walkway door, then pulled it open widely, and moved back toward the house. As soon as I was a few paces back from the gate, the warthog came out from behind the car and walked casually out the open door. I really think that the warthog only began banging on the gate because it had seen that I was awake when I opened the window, and knowing that I had the power to set him free, he got my attention by banging the gate. Smart pig. And this was all before 6 am.

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